Hypervisor for Haiku

Is anyone working on anything related to a hypervisor on Haiku? I am thinking of porting bhyve over?


Nice, please do it :grinning:

If you could do it, it will be great! I used to see someone on this community suggested to port NVMM or Bhyve to Haiku. Do you think porting NVMM is easier than Bhyve?

Having hardware accelerated virtualization would be awesome. NVMM looks very promising but maybe bhyve is easier given we already have some FreeBSD components (wifi drivers, etc.)

NVMM seems a bit newer and at least according to the author of it, it has advantages over other systems: https://blog.netbsd.org/tnf/entry/from_zero_to_nvmm

If I were to take this on I would likely do a bit of research into each one, try to understand them, then try to see what it would take to get them into Haiku. I looked a bit at NVMM and from what I can see it has a kernel component and then a userland library, which is already supported in in at least the NetBSD pkgsrc QEMU. So porting NVMM might just be a matter of getting the kernel side of the code integrated with the Haiku kernel as a module, and then maybe a few tweaks in the library code.

Yes, I started looking at bhyve, but you can’t run QEMU on it. NVMM looks more like what we want/need.

Will this enable us to have Docker and K8s someday?

+1 for bringing bhyve over!

I don’t know what K8s is but I think with Bhyve or NVMM you would have something like Vagrant, not Docker. Docker is a container, not a VM.

Kubernetes = k8s…

The problem with such Linux on Linux is their proliferation encourages binary only distribution… even when developers call their systems “open”

What is a status of Haiku Virtual Hypervisor KVM?

It does not exist and there is currently no work in progress.

Hi guys, any news abount nvmm support since ?

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