HVIF Haiku icon for my app "Video Backup Fusion"

Hi all,

I’m an old BeOS user (since 1998) and I currently use the very good Haiku beside Linux. I developed (work in process) an Qt based app to download videos from video portals (YouTube etc.) named “Video Backup Fusion” sience 2011. It runs on Linux, Windows and MacOSX, I ported it to Haiku now. The app icon is in Gnome format (.png bitmap, 128x128), I try to build it new in HVIF format with Icon-O-Matic, but my results are poor. I want to publish ViBaFu for Haiku with a decent app icon!

Is here a graphic artist and can build the Haiku icon for me in HVIF format (.svg)?

Project home: http://dynup.de.vu
App icon: http://sourceforge.net/userapps/gallery/dynup/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=40

Hope, anyone can help me!



Hi dynup, welcome.

The process is very simple. You can convert your png icon to svg format, so you can open this svg file with Icon-O-Matic and then export the image as HVIF icon.

In anyway i am impatient to try your software here in Haiku! :slight_smile:

I read the Icon-O-Matic manual already and can use the app. …but I’m a developer and not a graphic artist!

If I import the converted svg image, nothing happens in Icon-O-Magic or the icon is destroyed!

I have made some icons in the past.
I can try to help you!
I’ve sent to you a private message on your profile.