Hrev57661/57662 breaks Falkon?

I’ve just updated to hrev57662 from hrev57660, and Falkon now crashes immediately on launch for me with a “General System Error”. I tried an uninstall / reinstall via HaikuDepot, and same thing.

So, if you need Falkon, maybe don’t update just yet! (Other apps all seem fine so far.)

Falkon is crashing on a call to strchr, so maybe the patches have just revealed a bug in Falkon? (I like patches that make memory bugs more obvious!) I’ve posted a snippet of the debug below.

I’m sure this is the wrong place to report this - should I report this in HaikuPorts, or does it go elsewhere because it seems to only be visible in either hrev57661 or hrev57662 (I’m not sure which?)

Debug information for team /boot/system/apps/Falkon/Falkon (3420):
CPU(s): 8x Intel Core™ i7-8550U
Memory: 15.76 GiB total, 669.07 MiB used
Haiku revision: hrev57662 Mar 23 2024 06:24:52 (x86_64)

Active Threads:
	thread 3421: team 3420 debug task 
	thread 3420: Falkon (main)
		state: Exception (Segment violation)

		Frame		IP			Function Name
		0x7fe33bfc34b0	0xfffdc56910	strchr + 0 
				0x000000fffdc56910:           0fb607  movzx (%rdi), %eax <--

			Frame memory:
				[0x7fe33bfc34a8]  ........   e1 10 c5 fd ff 00 00 00
		0x7fe33bfc3910	0xfffdc510dc	open_executable + 0x8c 
		0x7fe33bfc4e20	0xfffdc4c13a	load_image(char const*, image_type, char const*, char const*, char const*, image_t**) + 0xda 
		0x7fe33bfc4e90	0xfffdc4a0e9	load_immediate_dependencies(image_t*, bool) + 0x169 
		0x7fe33bfc4f20	0xfffdc4a5f1	load_program + 0x91 
		0x7fe33bfc4f50	0xfffdc51bee	runtime_loader + 0xee 
		00000000	0x7f96f0079258	commpage_thread_exit + 0 

Loaded Images:
	ID		Text Base	Text End	Data Base	Data End	Type	Name
	12487	0xfffdc42000	0xfffdc5f000	0xfffdc5f000	0xfffdc60000	lib    	/boot/system/runtime_loader
	12488	0x1ef88235000	0x1ef88239000	0x1ef88239000	0x1ef8823a000	app    	/boot/system/apps/Falkon/Falkon
	12486	0x7f96f0079000	0x7f96f0081000	0x00000000	0x00000000	system 	commpage


Well, Falkon is part of Haikuports packages, you know the place where you have to report this one.
Thanks for the head up anyway.

Thanks for reporting, I saw the issue is created also at the bugtracker so it can be tracked better, one more reason for “me” to stay on R1B4. :slight_smile:

Ah, indeed, ticket #18858.
Yes, that’s a good illustration of reasons why betas are recommended for “normal” users.


It looks to me a tiny fix in some ELF code which is causing a segfault when loading binaries.

Even for me (trying to make sure package build localy will also build on the buildmasters) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warning!

If you get stuck, waddlesplash just mentioned on Mastodon an easy way to revert to an earlier Haiku revision if you have to. Replace the {date} part as required:

pkgman install /system/packages/administrative/{date}/*.hpkg

You’ll need to look in the administrative folder at all the “state_” sub folders to find which state you want to revert to. In my case, there was one with lots of files with “hrev57659” in the name, those are the ones I reinstalled. Falkon now works again for me by rolling back to hrev57659.


Meanwhile in hrev57664 I fixed the problem, so the next nightly build will not have these issues.