without ISO

There is no file ISO in

Probably a corrupted download.

I just clicked on US link, it offers an archive zip size 1,2 Ko. For reference the one for 304 is 502Mo. So indeed it seems not enough.

Indeed, there is no iso in the archive.

Updating the system to this version worked OK on 32bit nightly a few hours ago though.

Sounds like it’s worth a ticket then…
#17848 (hrev56309 64bit nightly archive is missing ISO) – Haiku


hrev56309 was me, did I break the 64-bit build accidentally?

Testing… Builds ok here on 64-bit.

Let me know if I broke something.

The same shot was posted by nephele already. Further (relevant!) discussion please at the ticket.

I understand that the nightly image is borked, but is it because the build is borked? It doesn’t appear to be. I’m not sure why the nightly image is no good.

As you did only code changes, I think it is unlikely that it would cause image to be empty. Even if your code would not compile I don’t think images will be uploaded if compiling fails. So do not worry this is something on the builder side probably.

Doesn’t look like any commits before either:

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Did it run out of disk space to hold the ISO?

humdinger linked a ticket above with the explanation : )

I just d/l from the Haiku site; pulled the “64 bit ver”. When attempting to install with Linux VirtualBox, i see a panic message “32-bit cannot be installed”. Previous ver of Haiku installed OK on my 64-bit workstation.