Hrev numbers of beta releases

is there a list of the hrev numbers they was taken for the beta releases??

R1 beta 1
R1 beta 2
R1 beta 3

You can use git to get that information from inside of a checkout of Haiku. Like…

$ git describe remotes/origin/r1beta1 --match "hrev*" --tags

shows that it was based on hrev52295 plus 133 other commits on top. The others…

$ git describe remotes/origin/r1beta2 --match "hrev*" --tags
$ git describe remotes/origin/r1beta3 --match "hrev*" --tags


add the 133 to 52295 for beta 1 is needed or is the start number 52295?

Those 133 other commits are various things. Some of them are fixes that have been “cherry-picked” from the main branch so that they make it into the release. There are also “housekeeping” commits for each release(changing the debug level, changing the os version string, etc…). So, it’s 52295 plus a few fixes from other later hrevs.

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Ok understand


Not sure if it’s accurate or not but the Wikipedia page lists these on it Haiku (operating system) - Wikipedia