Howto upgrade Haiku from a CD/DVD?

Since I could not find anything using google: howto upgrade Haiku from CD/DVD?
How can I add a CD/DVD fetched from to repositories scanned by pacman and then upgrade as usual?

Any hints?

Open “Terminal”: pkgman full-sync or just pkgman full
Or start SoftwareUpdater

Is it that what you mean?
Or install?

I think he means adding a CD or DVD as an install source to update with pkgman or Software Updater. Like you can add a CD as install source for apt under Debian Linux.

No idea if that´s actually possibly. Never seen or heard of anyone doing that. Maybe a mirror of the Haiku and Haikuports repo on a local webserver. But that would mean way more data to download than just a regular upgrade.

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I think, i you install from the cd/dvd over the installed version of Haiku the system will be updated, but i don’t know if you personal data will be kept.

Regards lorglas

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Can’t you just pkgman install /cd-or-dvd/system/packages/*?

IF the CD was properly set up as a repository (which AFAIK Haiku installation CDs are not) then it would be possible to do pkgman add-repo /REPOCD, I suppose.

Would only work if network where available. Upgrading from CD/DVD would be nice. Might be possible, since the packages are on DVD/CD. But does the CD/DVD image have all necessities to be a working repository?
And if not – any way to build a repository out of any downloaded CD/DVD? And how would this have to be done?