Howto program gui with haiku?

howto program gui with haiku?

i try tkinter of python, failed.
search topic, said not complete supported.

so,how to program gui with haiku?
c++ and qt ? only this way?

just a new guy which want to progrom some fun thing.


Pure C++ can do the trick.

Start from here.

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You can also use yab

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Or give fltk a try? (checked the other day with some sources, was pretty good) :slight_smile:

If you’re starting from scratch I’d recommend going with a native solution (instead of qt, tk, etc). This means either C++ (which can have a quite steep learning curve if you are completely new to it), Yab (a BASIC dialect with native Haiku GUI bindings) or the new Python bindings that are currently being developed (there is a recent thread in the forum about it).
I don’t use YAB but it’s probably the easiest of the native choices. There’s also an IDE (integrated development environment for it). There are some tutorials over on, including this one: yab Beginners tutorial - BeSly Haiku only

As you apparently know Python, you may want to try the Python bindings to get started,
The API is similar enough to the C++ API that you can use the C++ documentation.
If you need help, you can ask me, zard or tmtfx for help on IRC.


In my case- I even ordered the physical printed book and had it next to my computer why I was studying.

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You’re good with Python?

Get Dropbox working and you’ll be an instant entry into the Haiku Hall of Fame.

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