Howto choose which part would installed with the Installer ? (poster would use the actual install, not an install image)

howto choose which part with the installer?

i already install Haiku into my pc.
then, i have lots of self-adjusting 、pre-application 、film file 、e-books and so on.
now, my friend give me a usb-driver and need me to inatall Haiku from my Haiku for self-adjusting 、pre-application.
i try it before.
the installer will copy all files of my pc into her USB-driver。
but i don’t want to share film file 、e-books。
is there any button to choose which part i share ?
just, i “cut” this part into the other USB-driver. and “cut ” them back after the installing thing?


I don’t know the current status, but this would be a great feature. Haiku is already great at being portable. It’d be nice to have something where you can select/deselect user folders/applications.

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You should install from a fresh image (you can download one from the website). At the moment there is no way to do this with Installer, and it seems safer this way (some of your files could be leftover, or a virus could propagate, and so on, if we just allowed people to clone existing installs over and over.

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A simple thing that you can do, is to copy your activated_packages.txt file on an USB key. Once your new system installed, you can open it and know what was installed in yours. You have to manually install packages and can’t copy your adjustments but it’s less risky.

do not worry about the risk.
in China, it is the most popular way to install system : to clone existing installs over and over.

dos: sys c:\
windowsXP: ghostpe.exe-clone,mode=load,src=g:\3prtdisk.gho,dst=1,sze1=450M,sze2=1599M,sze3=2047M
(most of time, we use its gui mode)
( )

history said : it is very useful to popular “the personal
desktop system”.

even now.

usually, i store my personal files in home folder.
so, i just want to do the clone installing without the home folder . or more, i can choose the special folder (just the child-folder of home folder) which i do not want to clone installing.

we all are adult.
so , we can decide which risk we can allow.
(you can write a risk warning tip in the installer application. )
if the risk bombs blast , we can do the clone installing again to fix it.
this is very popular in China.
in this case, developer have much more buffer time to stable and develop the system.
it is win-win.

If you do this quite often or go to install parties, it could be handy to make a USB key that you would dedicate to this. Keep it updated, (but without really using it so there’s nothing ‘personal’), make a data partition (for the few useful things that you don’t want to be copied) and eventually use FilWip to clean the few remains.

FilWip is good.