How to write drivers

Hello everyone, where I can read about writing drivers for haiku? I want to try make driver for my wifi card

Well, you can start with this.

Then, if you know the exact model of your WiFi card, you could put it into Google - try to find out how it functions in terms of function, system calls etc.

For networking including wifi we mostly use FreeBSD drivers, so the first thing to check is if it is supported by FreeBSD. If so maybe you just need to port it (usually it’s just about copying the missing file). Maybe also some driver we have would support but doesn’t know its PCI ID.

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Hello, my wifi card is qualcomm atheros qca 9377, in other topic somebody told, that it not supported in freebsd, but it supported in linux, maybe i try port it from linux, as i know it will not be supported in haiku while it not supported in freebsd…