How to use the intel pro wireless 2200?

I followed the instructions as in the haiku guides Connecting to wireless networks but after execution the ‘’ there is no driver installed or created in the ‘/dev/net/’ directory and therefore after a reboot, ifconfig does not see it as well. Have I missed something?

The driver does come with Haiku, it’s just the firmware that has to be installed.
You find the driver at /boot/system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/bin/iprowifi2200, BTW.

The script downloads the firmware, creates a HPKG and installs it. If that worked, you’ll find the firmware at /boot/system/data/firmware/iprowifi2200.

Not sure why the device doesn’t appear in /dev/net/ for you…

Thank you for the answer. I forgot to precise that I was using a nightly build. To summarise, the driver and the firmware are present. In “/dev/net/” I only have ipro1000 for the ethernet card that was detected . How to create the entry point for the iprowifi2200?

If the driver and its firmware are correctly in place, it may be that your specific model isn’t supported. Haiku has a compatibility layer that can use FreeBSD 9.3 wifi drivers. FreeBSD is currently at 11 (?) and it may be that your device wasn’t supported back at 9.3…

The device should otherwise just appear at /dev/net/.
You can check how Haiku identifies your device with listdev.
To see if it has loaded the appropriate driver, but for some reason it apparently doesn’t work, try listimage | grep drivers

Ok, I understand my mistake. My wi-fi card is an Intel Centrinon Wireless N2200 and not an Intel Pro Wireless 2200. This driver exists under FreeBSD under the iwn driver. Where should I look for informaton about how to use the wrapper for Freebsd and therefore import this driver ? I can try to do it by myself if not difficult but will need some guidelines

If I understand this FreeBSD 9.3 man page correctly, your particular Intel Centrinon Wireless N2200 wasn’t supported back then, and was only added later.

It could well be that you’ll have to wait on an updated compatibility layer. Which isn’t completely trivial, but the guys at the Kernel Coding Camp will have a stab at it, if read correctly.
You may be able to backport the new iwn, but I have no idea what that involves…

Ok. Many thanks anyways !