How to use RetroArch?

After installing the remininscence_libretro package, I can start RetroArch and load the Reminiscence core. But selecting “Resume play” from the “Quick menu” I only get a black screen…

What to do?

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It is not about how to use… it is about not to use it…

It is an frustrating app I won’t recommend to use!

If you want to use Classic Snes (Super Nintendo Games) I would recommend Snes9x instead without hassles!

for example here:

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Not sure about the Reminiscence core, but If I remember corretly, besides the core, you need to have the roms (or in case of a game, the data files) correctly configurated.

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I’m back, with more information. Efectively, if found this:

The game data files (DOS, PC-CD, Amiga, Macintosh) are required.


I managed to get it work. You have to follow this steps:
1.- Pulse the “Load Core” option and select the core "Flashback (REminiscence)
2.- Pulse the “Load Content” option from main menu.
3.- Browse where you have the data files. In my case, I just used a .ZIP file with the game data files inside.
4.- After selecting the ZIP file, the “Load Archive” option will appear.
5.- After pulsing the “Load Archive” option, you will be asked to select the core (by default, will appear the one was selected in step 1)
6.- Enjoy this great game!

About the data files, I just used the DOS game version.

Step by step, screenshoots:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

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Thanks for investigating!
Looks like those ROMs aren’t freely available, right?

It’s usually a grey area, but nintendo ones are even more “protected” by the company itself:

Then you know, depends on country laws, ethics, moral , yada yada.

It depends on respect to the author of the game too. They deserve money for their work, so you should buy the gmae if you want to play it:

And don’t try to tell me it falls in the abandonware “grey area”. It clearly doesn’t this time.


At all, i’m a gog promoter with old games library being there (from oldest version of Ultima series to UT2k4).
The only thing they miss is translations to spanish of the games when it was available (like in Vampire The Masquerade, which they offer in english).

But this works either native or with dosbox help. For old console games you are either rom-ing (wherever you get it), virtual consoles (if game is available on them), or buying both the console and the game physically (if they are still around). First options is what i meant as gray area depending of country, laws, yadayada, not that it was ok for me (which usually do the 3rd one).

I like to play a game if I can just click and play it!

Flashback is a great game for DosBox…
just give it a Wrapper and enjoy…

In this case, my little tutorial is not for you :slight_smile:

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As I’m using emulators since they started to appear (and even having played flashback both on PC and mega drive / genesis when it was launched), i like separate apps per system, so you just fire up the program and load a file, without all this steps.

I guess that developing the emulator backend should be much easier using cores tho.

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Sadly, I think this reason is why the Free Software world desperately needs it’s own gaming platform. I think of the one Arizona couple that made news and got in trouble recently. And what I mean by having our ‘own gaming platform’ is to have a ‘Nintendo’ like console of our own; maybe a Haiku or Linux-based system running on the NUC, Raspberry Pi, or what not with both original and rewritten clones of games.

Of course, I don’t know how legal clones are… I know some things like Pong and Asteroids have entered public domain, and SuperTux and SMC are basically copies of Super Mario Bros., but it’d be an interesting subject to dive into nonetheless…

I wish we had something like OpenEmu for Haiku.

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Probably I don’t get it: what are the advantages over RetroArch?

Both of them are a collection of emulators, with a common management interface. The only disadvantage that I found in RetroArch is that the GUI is obviously optimized for using it in a mediaCenter or something like that.

Give OpenEmu a spin sometime and you’ll see what I mean. I’m not impressed with RetroArch’s UI at first glance.

Unfortunately, I don’t own a Mac :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, I understand your point. I also like a more traditional UI (I’m a keyboard & mouse man)

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And of course a few dozen things like RetroPie, RecallBox, …

As for clones, they are usually legal, provided you don’t redistribute any of the original game code or data. This is how you can play Transport Tycoon through OpenTTD (which replaces all graphics, sounds and music), or Theme Hospital through Corsix TH (which will extract the data from your install CD). There is a list of such games at