How to upload a screenshot to HDS

As I just learned from the bug tracker (#18101 (Web+ fails to upload screenshots at HDS) – Haiku) it is possible to upload screenshots to HaikuDepotServer…

How to do this?

I think only the admins there can add screenshots. You should poke (nicely please :stuck_out_tongue:) @humdinger about it.

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These are corresponding parts extracted from translatable strings of HDS on Polyglot.
I hope that it answers few questions.

"This process will accept a tar archive file that has been gzip-compressed. The typical
file-extension for this archive format is “.tgz”, but a file-extension of
.tar.gz” is also sometimes used. The files in the archive should have the following nomenclature; "hscr/beshare/1.png". In this example, a PNG bitmap image is being supplied as a screenshot for the “beshare” package. Any number of such screenshots can be supplied.

The process can operate in one of two strategies. In "Replace existing screenshots" mode, all existing screenshots are lost and the new screenshots are imported. In "Add to existing screenshots" mode, existing screenshots are retained and new screenshots are imported in addition to those existing ones."

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You can register to haiku depot website and there you can add screenshots to “your” added entries

The idea is that when you translate the description, the screenshot has to be localised as well to be helpful and show that the app itself is available in your language.

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Hello @brunobastardi ; Thanks for the question.

Only some users of Haiku Depot Server (HDS) can edit packages’ details such as screenshots. This authorization can be configured for a user for all packages or just some packages. If you need this authorization enabled for your user, it would be best to ask on the Haiku Sys-Admin mailing list. An admin user of HDS would be able to enable that for you and if they are unsure how they can ask me.

Uploading screenshots works fine from, for example, Firefox and Chrome in the HDS admin UI. I seem to recall there was a problem uploading screenshots from Web+ unfortunately. For this reason there is a Python script to upload screenshots to HDS from Haiku-OS. This script was probably written for Python 2 and if you have trouble getting to work with Python 3 then lodge a ticket and I will try to take a look.

Hi @Starcrasher; the technique described here is for admin users only and is intended for bulk-upload.

@apl will correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure HDS doesn’t support localized screenshots. I’m not sure it’d be super useful either. It multiplies storage demands and IMO screenshots in HDS are rather used to get a a quick glance at the GUI of an app. Which should be possible without localized sceenshots.

In any case, if people have only a couple of shots they’d like to have added to a handful apps, just send them as a PM to me and I’ll add them.

Most GUI should already have screenshots.

Hi @humdinger ; yes quite right - it does not support localized screenshots.

I think the corresponding ticket for Web+ has recently been closed.

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Thanks for the clarification on that @PulkoMandy ; that’s great to hear!

Thanks, yes I registered to HDS but I can rate the apps only, now!
The option to upload screenshots is hidden I suppose" and has to be opened by the system admin.
I would love to upload screenshots for apps without one…

Hello @brunobastardi ; I posted above…

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