How to type the ~ symbol?

I am testing Haiku under VMware Fusion in Mac OS X. Having switched to the German Mac keyboard the combination of ALT+N does no longer create the ~ symbol. Thus I write this message on Mac’s Safari browser, where your forum is not displayed completely correct or as intended: the “post new Forum topic” link is not printed on a separate line. But back to my question: how to type a ~ symbol here (C++ binary not operator) ?

P.S.: There also seem to be problems typing: | [ ] symbols at usual places.

P.P.S.: … similar problem with @ symbol.

Since I don’t have a Mac and don’t use a VM, I can’t repoduce your issues, of course…
The only hint I can give is to use the Keymap preferences to see what key lights up and what symbol is printed when you press a key. FWIW, choosing the German (Mac) keymap does have the ~ on OPT+N and @ on OPT+L over here…
Also, ~ being a “dead key”, you’d have to press the key twice to generate a ~.


No. There something definitely is wrong with that keyboard layout (German Mac).

Thank you for recently fixing the addressed forum code for the Mac Safari. And it would be great, if the next Haiku R1 alpha would contain a patched keyboard layout for the German Mac keyboard.

A few weeks before alpha2 came out, the German (Mac) keymap was supposed to be fixed by Andreas Färber(?). If there’s still something wrong, you should consider to file a detailed ticket at You could also try to fix things yourself if it’s just a few mismatched keys, see the Keymap prefs in the user guide.


The keymap scheme itself seems to look quite ok. Nevertheless it does not work correctly using Haiku via VMware Fusion at an iMac. I will continue to think over this problem … Until now only ‘€’ ‘ç’ ‘µ’ are fully supported when using an ALT key, but mouse clicking at the symbols instead of using the keyboard will do.

Well, now I have tried at the terminal (first without any changing)
keymap -d >myKeyMap
keymap -l myKeyMap
and only got:
keymap: error when loading the keymap: Bad data
What might be wrong?

This look like BFS damage. Run checkfs.

I do not think, that there might be the problem. Nevertheless I did at the terminal
checkfs -c Haiku
and got
checkfs: Cold not prepare the device for modifications: Initialization failed

All partitions mount to “/”. To check “Haiku” partition use

checkfs -c /Haiku

It isn’t FS problem, sorry. Keymap can be loaded after compiling
keymap -d -o myKeyMap
keymap -c -o binMyKeyMap myKeyMap
keymap -l binMyKeyMap
Key map loaded.

, or by -s flag
keymap -d -o myKeyMap
keymap -s myKeyMap
Key map loaded.

Well, then checkfs is documenting itself badly, per -? it demands for <volume name> not for <volume pathname> or for /<volume name>.
And the keymap documentation in the User Guide seems to be completely misleading …

The user guide has been updated a few weeks ago to reflect the changes that weren’t noticed before. Don’t know when they hit SVN or this site. For the checkfs stuff file a bug report.


Not sure if this helps, but on my windows laptop, if I hit the left shift and the ~ sign, it doesn’t work, but if I hit the right shift and the ~ sign, it does work. don’t have a mac, but maybe it’s similar with that too.