How to take the theme manager into the Installer?

how to take the theme manager into the Installer?
i see there is the button of DriverSetup.
why not also theme manager?
then, we can adjust the theme at the very beginning time.

and we can recommend two or three theme at the Installer.
just like :
1, classic beos theme ,please settle haiku.
2,default theme,please settle gonxish.
3,if you come from Windows,you can settle win2k.
4,and the more theme please settle the button of theme manager.

it is suitable for a layman just like me.
am i right?

ThemeManager is a third party application not part of haiku, currently there are no plans to have themes in Haiku.

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Installation is something that you want to go well; simpler it is, better it goes.
Perhaps, it could integrate something for accessibility reasons but not to suit user tastes.

ThemeManager is unfortunately quite outdated and therefore have some limitations. For example, it doesn’t handle all of Haiku colours and with recent changes to Terminal, it probably won’t handle things correctly there. Loading a colour scheme is also changing fonts and can lead to problems depending your language. I suggest to be careful using it.