How to start?

Hi guys,

I’ve browsed the applications supplied with Haiku, but I wonder where to find a guide on setting up the network? If you have a link to a tutorial or something, that would be enough for me :slight_smile:

(another thing: does the emulated sound blaster work or we have only AC97-codec at this moment?)

Thank you for your help

If you have a broadband router you might be able to turn on DHCP serving, which should make Haiku pick up an IP address, subnet mask and relevant settings for gateway and perhaps even domain name server. If not, I suppose you might want to search the forums for information on how to use ‘ifconfig’ and ‘route’ in Terminal.

VMWare has a built-in DHCP server, but for some reason, i didn’t get any IP from the server (ifconfig -a didn’t show up any ip assigned). Today, I unpacked the new build, and now I get an IP, so it works. Don’t have any idea what could be the reason it didn’t work with the older one :slight_smile:

Thank you, Jonas.

It could be Axel’s change yesterday that did it:

r20398 /haiku/trunk/src/servers/net/DHCPClient.cpp:
“Fixed a stupid bug that prevented DHCP from trying again if a request was lost
(always happened here with my laptop :-)).”

Always an interesting read! :slight_smile:

Ah, silly me :slight_smile: I read that svn comment somewhere, but I was unsure, where…