How to speed up the system performance

Part one: As the topic. I have a fast computer (Ryzen) but Haiku still work as a Pentium 233. Changing the processor and adding memory did not help. What is the reason for this? Is the kernel too old.

Part Second: How to expropriate crashing applications. It’s still a lots of bug. System still crash. I see meny of errors. CRL ALT DEL did’not work when application crash.

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Uhh, what is the actual problem you are facing?

mhh. I use a USB Stick, it’s a ~30 MB/s. Mayby if I install Haiku to SSD solid drive a preformance be a speedup.

if the BIOS allows you to boot from ssd. haiku becomes very fast

Again, what problem do you have, performsnce is really really ambigioud. what is the issue you want to solve with “more performance”?

Is writing to your usb drive too slow?

Check that your drive is USB 3.0 AND that you’re plugging it in a XHCI port.

There are also few things that you can do to reduce memory use. They seem obvious but somehow people tends to forget about it.
Keep the packages count lower as possible. Uninstall what you don’t use, etc.
Clean up states folder once for a while.
Avoid to use dozens of workspaces, usually two are enough to start and you can always add more later.
Don’t set for each workspace a 4k wallpaper just because your screen can handle this resolution. A wallpapper about 5 Mo size in jpeg is more than 30Mo loaded in memory. Most of time the wallpaper is hidden by your running apps, so better reduce the size and use stretching in Background app.
Avoid as much as possible, huge apps like LibreOffice. They have tons of dependencies and as result many packages loaded in memory. If an Haiku apps is available for the same job, it will use less memory.