How to set up GCC for porting my games?

I’m trying to port some of my games to haiku, but was wondering if there are links or videos about getting gcc working on it. Also if there is a GUI builder to get my UI set up quicker…

A lot of information can be found on the haikuports wiki, for starters I started to collect some basic information on how to start on a port.

  1. Home · haikuports/haikuports Wiki · GitHub
  2. Checking a new port · Begasus/haikuports Wiki · GitHub
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Thanks! I’ll give those links a look…

gcc on Haiku works basically like on all other platforms. If you are on the 32bit version of Haiku you have to issue the command “setarch x86” first to switch from the ancient gcc2 (which is used to build most parts of the OS, for BeOS R5 binary compatibility) to the modern gcc version (gcc 11 at the moment). On the 64bit version you don´t have to do that.

There is no working GUI builder for the Haiku API that I know of. A good starting point to learn how the GUI part of the Haiku API (called Interface Kit) works would probably be the “Learning to program with Haiku” series that you can find here Learning to Program with Haiku | Haiku Project . The gui stuff starts at lesson 14. And of course you can learn a lot by looking at the source code of existing Haiku applications.

Having said that, since you are trying to port existing games, I´d check first if the gui toolkit that you already use is available on Haiku. We have SDL for example, QT, wxWidgets (at least to some extent), and GTK was ported very recently.

Anyway, just have fun porting your games and feel free to ask for help if you run into any problems :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll take a look at those too!