How to send MIDI notes from Sequitur?

I’m no musician and have very little experience with MIDI on any platform. Now that’s a good start… :slight_smile:

Has anyone experience with Sequitur, apparently the only MIDI sequencer available on 64bit Haiku? I’d like to use Sequitur to ‘compose’ a track and send the MIDI notes to my app Samedi, which plays back different audio samples for different MIDI notes.

It’s easy to start the virtual MIDI keyboard app MidiSynth and Samedi, and see “MidiSynth” in Samedi’s MIDI-in menu. And it simply works: I press a key in MidiSynth and Samedi plays back the sample.
Same with plugging in a real MIDI controller via USB: I see it in Samedi’s MIDI-in menu and receive the pressed MIDI note fine.

How would I achive that with Sequitur though? It doesn’t show up in Samedi and in Sequitur I only see “Be MIDI Synth” and “Output” as “Output Filters” at the right side of the window. The first outputs to Haiku’s default synth with the set SoundFont. No idea where “Output” goes to. Not Samedi obviously…

Any ideas anyone?

You may be able to connect them together using PatchBay (which is built into Haiku and available in Deskbar “demos” menu).

Not sure what we need to change in Sequitur to make it visible in other apps.

I see MidiSynth in PatchBay, but neither Sequitur nor Samedi. Samedi only listens to BMidiProducers but doesn’t itself do anything MIDI. Is that why it doesn’t appear in PatchBay?
I remember being able to connect Sequitur to SyncModular on 32bit Haiku a few years ago… So it should be possible in principle. If I remember correctly, of course. I don’t trust that old grey matter 100% though. :slight_smile: