How to properly install files?

Hi there, I’m aware this is an absolute beginner’s problem, but I’m still trying to find my way around. OK, here goes: I downloaded the Paladin 1.2.0 package to my Haiku (Beta1 32-bit) desktop and unzipped it with the Expander into the location it suggested (non-packaged apps). It dutifully showed up in the deskbar’s applications list (though at the top, out of alphabetical order) but would not open. Instead I got an error message “ missing”. The lib folder, however, contains several files which the app seems not to know about. I could at first not even uninstall the non-working Paladin app, since anything on “system” apparently cannot be relocated. I solved that one by re-unzipping Paladin onto the desktop whereupon the Installer deleted the previous installation in the system folder. (I even managed to delete the entry in the deskbar’s applications list which wouldn’t vanish on its own.) So, here’s my question: Where did I go wrong? How do I install correctly from an older file?

If it is a hpkg file you need to install and not un zip it

If it is a zip file you need to install all dependencies too. Use haikudepot to do that.

Hpkg do this automatically it there a added as dependencies

Thanks for your kind advice! I have just successfully installed an older version of the program (Paladin 1.0.1 instead of 2.1.0), though, also in format and by the same method, and this time it just worked as advertised; I have it up and running now. So probably the first version I tried actually has a bug (doesn’t recognize that file) and I did nothing wrong?

note that Haiku 32-bit is actually has 2 c/c++ runtimes, maybe that shared object is incompatible

Paladin’s PKG file doesn’t work on recent Haiku anymore. Just install it from HaikuDepot instead.

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A little more detail:

“pkg” is the old package format for BeOS. It is not recommended to use apps in that format. Haiku has the new “hpkg” files, which you do not need to manually download, you can install app easily from HaikuDepot (similar to App Store / Google Play on smartphones) or using the command line tool pkgman.

The new format allows to handle not only installation, but also updates (using SoftwareUpdater or pkgman) and uninstallation of software.

Thank you for all the details! I prefer the .hpkg packages, too, but apparently there is none for Paladin. Does anyone recommend another IDE tool I should install and use instead of Paladin?

There are versions of Paladin for both the 32bit and 64bit versions of Haiku:!/pkg/paladin?bcguid=bc252-SURK