How to play sfc sound files on Haiku?


How do I play sfc (Super Nintendo sound files) on Haiku?

I’m also interested for playing for ex. game boy and other consoles music.


Aplayer shoud be able to play .spc files, qmmp and mpd too.

What about .nsf, .gbs, .gsf, .usf, .vgz… formats?

You can port the required libs and a player, or convert them to any common audio format.

But why don’t you try first the available players (MediaPlayer, Aplayer, qmmp, mpd, etc…) to see what works?

Sure, I’ll try.

How do I convert those files to mp3 using mp3.encoder 0.1 from BeOS 5?

I can confirm that qmmp provides better sound than Audacious and has a sound conversion plugin.