How to open "pkg" and "bin" files? (trying to install Opera)

As for the network everything working fine and I downloaded the Opera installation file which is “bin” file.

How to open it on Haiku?

Also what is “pkg” and how to open it on Haiku?

Is a driver from BeOS can work also on Haiku?

The Opera installation “bin” is just an executable installer. There’s nothing special about it. You should be able to just double-click to run it.

I recommend right-clicking on it in tracker and specifying “Identify” to see if that helps, maybe it wasn’t made executable when it was downloaded.

.pkg is a special format that was supported on BeOS (I believe this was what SoftwareValet did - it doesn’t run on Haiku) - there is a project to re-create an installer that supports this format, but I don’t believe it’s complete yet.

I’ve been testing the PackageInstaller from my GSOC student Łukasz Zemczak and it is looking pretty good. After a few more tweaks and changes I will add it to our repository and our image. I’m sure it won’t be perfect, but we hope it will open most package files. Obviously if it does not a bug report can be logged and we will try to fix it. Since the pkg format was proprietary and not documented, we had to backwards engineer it.

Thank you for your comments!

Somehow I can’t open the “bin” file of Opera.
When I’m doing hex dump on it I can see “EOS:M:” as the header.

Hi Ziv,

I found to install Opera I had to open a Terminal, cd to where the Opera bin file was, chmod +x on the bin file, and then ./[the name of the Opera bin file] to run the installer.

I hope this helps!

Or, you could have right clicked on the file and selected “get info” and clicked the drop down and checked all the execute check boxes… same thing just in the GUI.