How to mount /home on a different disk?

Hello there, i have a question is there a way to mount /home on a different disk, cause that is a very useful thing from some *nix, and i know haiku is not an *nix but maybe have a way? cause i want to dedicate a only partition for the /system

I think this is not possible, but if you have a clean install to test, move the folder home to a different disc and make a links of it to the old position ( i do not know if haiku check and creates a home folder at startup or need a folder and not a link). But the secondary disc need to be bfs too.

It may work, but some additional mount methods will be probably needed because disks mount options are stored in /boot/home/config/settings. Currently there are a lot global settings stored in home directory.


Yes, indeed we should move these to /system/settings. There is a rather old ticket about this.


I want to use a solid disk for the /system and a normal disk for the rest of the data swap and /tmp

It could be great if i can do that with Haiku, is a smart way to modulate the Disks to the operating system. There are any documentation that i can read to learn and try it?

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Just for the sake of testing I just tried this:

1- Copy the /home folder to another drive
2- Remove the /home folder from the Haiku System drive
3- Create a symlink to the /home folder on another drive on the Haiku System drive

On next boot Haiku wanted to install itself again. Nonetheless, all the 3 steps worked fine. Just when deleting the /home folder from Haiku System drive, the desktop icons disappeared, as well as the background Haiku logo [expected].

So yes, agree that settings that are not user dependant should be moved out of the user’s home folder.

What I do is just use the /home folder for the settings. I have another partition with what would be the user data. I presume that when multiuser is implemented things would be different.



Great, if this work, cause the only thing i miss on linux are that skill, allways have my /home dedicated disc, and /system ->/

The other question and idea is, can haiku have a “readyboost” option? like windows using the usb as a fast virtual memory?

I explained myself wrong. Apologies. I meant when removing the /home folder and substituting by the symlink Haiku wants to reinstall itself again upon restart because can’t find a proper /home folder.

It doesn’t work. That’s why I keep another partition for user data. What would be in the home folder on Linux, BSD, Windows … without any config files, I keep in a separate partition… my “personal” /home folder. :wink: