How to make WiFi work?

Hey guys

Just installed Haiku. How do i get my Wifi to work on my Acer Aspire One with an atheros card?

Can’t seem to find anything anywhere.

you can try

or download one of the nightly builds, this wifi stack (with atheros support, and more) was merged into haiku and the latest nightly builds work out of the box for supported cards (e.g., EeePC 4G atheros wifi).

Thanks alot!

But I still don’t have internet, not even with a wire. The devices won’t show up in the network prefrences?

I can help with wired but little only with WiFi.

  1. check in /dev/net. If driver is loaded, will appear here and list what driver(s) you have loaded in /dev/net. Do “ls” in there.
  2. provide “listdev” output (from terminal) for network cards. Will give information on vendor & device ids to track down if driver exits in Haiku or why it is not working for you.

WiFi was added to nightly images so if you use something recent then you won’t have to download and install anything extra. No encryption - No WPA or WEP support. But if driver is not showing in /dev/net ( or network preferences ) then you won’t get WiFi. You always have to check for driver presence first before going to next step - 1) above.