How to make recipe from cloned sources folder of any application

I want to make a recipe from cloned sources please help me
I am beginner to Haiku

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Hey, you’ll have to be more specific about what you try to do.

If you try to build Haiku, here is a link to start with:

Or if you try to build hpkg files from your downloaded source… you should take a look here:

and here:

I setup haiku and build many recipies but when i git any other sources then
error not found in repository please give me all commands

If you clone any other repositor (which is not in haikuporter) then you have to build the project on your own. Recepies are “just” a set of rules how to build cloned source.

So if you do a git clone for …your specfic source and want to build it…
First thing ist to find out the dependencies for the project… try to install al needed packages. In porting case it is mostly the developer packges you need. So pleas enblae show dev packages to enable this in HaikuDepot.

Second thing i would do is to read the instructions for this project how to build it (most time its documented either in the sourcode itself or its written on github page of the project or ist a combination of ./configure make o command)

After this try to build it whit the given instruction
if this dosent work…
Try to find the reason why it’s not building. (there are some tips floating around in the net)
if you made it compile, write a recepie for haikuporter (you then need to create a recepie file in the appropriate folder in the haikuports tree…
For this follow the given link above or

And if this works (means you can build a hpkg with haikuporter)
make a pull request, so that everyone can get the hpkg :slight_smile:

God luck :slight_smile: