How to make a distribution of haiku?

how to make a distribution of haiku?
i notice three things.

1,worried about lacking of people to develop the core of haiku, especially having Wayland。
2,some demand thing is not suitable for haiku default design.
3,lots of people have some special demand.

so,why not make a distribution of haiku by myself.
and, the core team just need to support a way.
or i will use my muggle's way .

i try the installer to do this thing before.
and then, i will try to use dd command.
just like, deepin use the ghost application to make a distribution of WindowsXp. (yes, Microsoft against it by law after it help Microsoft taking over Chinese market.)

in my eyes, the duty of core team is the core of haiku. then, the compatibility。
just keep your beos style.
i guess the more application developer coming soon.

debian is the sun of lots of linux distribution.
haiku will be another sun which have stellar system。

am i righ?

See Trademarks - Haiku, Inc., should you actually be interested of legalities. Whatever you do, don’t expect the Haiku devs and community do the work for you. Unless you can persuade them with your vision of a “better Haiku”, that is. Won’t be easy…


i have no so large purpose.
but make a my style haiku distribution.
and i would like to share the way of making a own haiku distribution , if i work out a sample.
you mean “better haiku”,but it is not my mind.
i mean: anybody have the way or key to make herself
haiku distribution.
just like, debian always is debian, it is the root.
but there are so many distribution basing on debian.
because of so many distribution, debian is much more infection in the world.

while you are free to make a distribution, don’t try to linuxify this community please.tve beauty of haiku, is that, it’s always the same haiku everywhere you go.


Haven’t there been prior unsuccessful attempts at Haiku distros?

it is wrong to modify the basic system of haiku which broke the stable.
this is the work of core team, not mine.
we just need to adjust the extra part of system.

just like:
deepin, Tomato Garden, ymlf

you know they can not hack Windows by any chance.
they just modify the extra part.
then, it help Microsoft taking over Chinese market.
(i know it is un-legal because of coryright. but this is a good example which is the good effect of having so many distribution)

make a distribution, but don’t break the basic system.
haiku is not linux which is just a kernel after all.

So, give us few examples of things that you would change. From your other posts, I’d guess colours and perhaps few default settings to better match your area? How would that make it really worthy?

I think OP is asking about making a haiku image with additional software, not modufying haiku itself.

it is funny that i find no result about haiku with baidu engine.
yes,maybe something, but it is several years ago.
and all is code, nothing for layman.
so, i install haiku and share my layman’ s experience at my blog.
now, if any layman want to use haiku (at least in my courty), they can get the layman’s experience.
yes, you will say that’s funny even a joke, but not for a layman or muggle.
i will make a distribution from the thing which is

it is too serious to say " i break the community" or “just yelling someone to help”.
i am not a programmer.
i am just a normal guy which want to use a good system.
no Microsoft, no heavy unix-style.

Someone/team builds a variant of Haiku with third-party software and language support deemed important for the chosen market and culture (i.e. academia, businesses (profit/non-profit), government, country, group, businesses, city/state, etc.).

Examples mentioned: Deepin, Kylin

Provide cultural language translation and font support to Haiku’s core desktop environment (what is provided only on official Haiku released ISO/USB).

This is not true, Haiku provides gui userland aswell.

After reading your posts, I wonder if what you want is not a “distro” as those of us who use Linux understand it, but a greater degree of localisation to different countries.

This is already possible, by forking the code. Now developing and maintaining it while keeping up with upstream however, those could be rather difficult.

Right, but you said this:

These imply that there are certain changes which do not fit with the Haiku project and necessitate a distro. You have previously talked before about the default shortcuts (Alt instead of Ctrl) and why that should not be done; presumably, this is one of the changes you want to have yes?

So, what demands of yours do you think are not suitable for Haiku?

Haiku already has Wayland support through a compatibility layer.

your distribution is modify by code.
my distribution is : having the several application which is work well; already done setting ; some tip to
tell people which is different or some experience to work well ; easy to install with the command “dd”. and so on.

don’t say the word “code”.
lots of layman or muggle even don’t know the word "code”.
code is your programmer’s thing, not layman.
and most of people are layman.

and i know: deepin, Tomato Garden, ymlf
, are just doing these thing.

sorry about my poor English.

Distribution isn’t always about modifying code. Oftentimes, it’s just shipping a different configuration and applications. This happens a lot in the Linux world, but those kinds of distros are considered by some to be low-effort.

This seems to be what you want to do. How would you go about doing this, exactly?

What different apps do you want to ship?

What different configurations do you want to have?

Which of these cannot be done in Haiku due to “not being suitable” for its default design?

Yes. There was some attempt at an effort to do a distro without package management for one thing. It didn’t go anywhere.

i have tested.
yes, haiku is very good at personal computer.
even beta stage , it can do mainly thing.

have not some no-free fonts , password thing and so on.
even i heard that thememanager is un-official status.

not the core design.
just something not very well.

don’t think: it is low-effort.
Microsoft take lots of market with this low-effort.
even, your programmer don’t like the word “market”.

Ubuntu also is low-effort, but it is success.

Non-free fonts require having explicit permission from the creators to ship them in a system, depending on the specific license restrictions. Oftentimes, they are nonredistributable beyond personal use. Distributing them without explicit permission or beyond what their licenses allow opens up legal problems.

This is why many Linux distributions do not ship Microsoft Core Fonts by default. Haiku doesn’t do this for the same legal reason too. At most, they either have an optional step to install them or lookalikes that are distinct enough replacements to not be legally problematic.

at least, i will put a tip to tell people how to add it .
this is not suitable for haiku.
but maybe a distribution of person suitable.
just do it.
i will do.

From what my understanding is, Haiku is a complete desktop operating system, the team isn’t big enough to have deviated versions around that may confuse new users into asking irrelavent questions, that should be answered by the maker of the deviated version.

I’m fully with the developer team, keep Haiku as Haiku.

The Linux landscape is a mess, everyone adding a program & removing another, then calling it a distro - no a distro is that which is created by using the source code, there are only about 5 or 6 genuine distros, from which people create derived versions.

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