How to install Haiku in UEFI system? (Solution) Also "no sys loaded" Fix

I tried everything to install Haiku on my system was unable to do it. Although lot of people tried to help, but it was little advance for complete newby. So, after so many tries I came up with a solution based on peoples help and reading the documentation. This steps are very simple to follow.

I assume you already know how to make a bootable flashdrive for Haiku or your preferred methods.

  1. Boot to your Haiku Flashdrive as normal.
  2. It will go to a screen say “Install Haiku” or “Try Haiku” (If you boot this flashdrive before it will directly go to Haiku Desktop, which is fine.).
  3. Click on “Try Haiku”
  4. On the top right you will see Blue Haiku icon or feather looking thing (Not sure what icon that is, could be a leaves too). click on that.
  5. Under that you will find ‘Application’ > ‘Installer’. (Hard to find in one glance so look carefully)
  6. Click on ‘Installer’ > ‘Continue’.
  7. ‘Install from’ is set to your bootable USB already. If not make sure (Mine says ‘Haiku - 1.37GiB’)
  8. ‘Onto’ > is where you chose your harddrive or ssd to install Haiku. For now leave it as it is.
  9. Click on ‘Set up partitions…’
  10. Locate your HDD or SSD you want to install Haiku. For me I want to use the whole SSD to install Haiku. (Just a reminder, as of now you can’t create new partition in Haiku. You have to do with other operating system, if Haiku is your Dual Boot).
  11. Click on your HDD or SSD then click ‘Partition’ > ‘Format’ > 'FAT32 File System…". POP Up click ‘Continue’ then Name: Haiku, FAT bits: Auto (default) then click ‘Format’. Then click ‘Write changes’ and ‘OK’.
  12. As your HDD or SSD selected click on ‘Disk’ > ‘Initialize’ > ‘Intel Partition Map…’. Click ‘Continue’ > ‘Write changes’ > ‘OK’
  13. Click on the label “Empty space” under your HDD or SSD. Click ‘Partition’ > ‘Create’ and chose or write ‘64’ MiB for partition size. ‘Partition type’: EFI system data and check ‘Active partition’, then ‘Create’ > ‘Write changes’ > ‘OK’.
  14. Select that 64MiB space under your HDD or SSD then ‘Partition’ > ‘Format’ > ‘FAT32 File System…’. Click continue then Name: efi FAT bits: Auto (default). Then ‘Format’ > Write changes’ and ‘OK’. (Make sure no space while naming it. Name can be anything but you have to remember later for copying files in this directory)
  15. Select rest of available HDD or SSD space labeled ‘Empty space’. Then ‘Partition’ > ‘Create’ > ‘Partition type: Be File System’ check “Active partition”, then ‘Create’ and ‘Write changes’. Now select the same partitioned space and click ‘Partition’ > ‘Format’ > 'Be File System…" name and everything as it is and ‘Format’ > ‘Write changes’ and on.
  16. You will see a volume called ‘Haiku’ has green edge upon selection.
  17. Close the ‘DriveSetup’
  18. Inside the installer ‘Onto:’ select your HDD or SSD we just created. (ex. 'Haiku - 100.23 GiB)
  19. Click begin. Now installation will start and wait for it to finish.
  20. just ‘Quit’ the installer.
  21. Now select the blue icon on top right and ‘Mount’ > ‘efi’ or the name you put for (64MiB space). Click ‘Mount read/write’. Now repeat this step for ‘Mount’ > ‘haiku esp’. Click ‘Read and write’ (Doesn’t matter for this one).
  22. You will see ‘haiku esp’ on the desktop. Double click to go inside it. Then select all the files and right click. then copy to ‘efi’ (don’t go to ‘recycled’). now click “Replace all”
  23. That’s it you are done. shut down and remove the flash drive. Enjoy.