How to include haiku's private headers in a Qt project...?

I need to add <LaunchRoster.h> in a Qt project i am porting, adding it directly in the source doesn’t work, so how can i declare the path of the private headers in the pro/pri files? i couldn’t find this info on the net.

Responding to myself

Add the following line to the target pro file
INCLUDEPATH += /full_path/to/to/the_header_file_dir
In my case it was

INCLUDEPATH += \ /boot/system/develop/headers/private/app

If you need more headers from the private section that are in different subdirs you need to give the full paths of all of them seperated by a space
like this

INCLUDEPATH += \ /boot/system/develop/headers/private/app \ /boot/system/develop/headers/private/interface

Now i need to find out how to do that with Cmake, if anyone knows please let me know.


Yes, that’s one way to do it, there is another way, that is by adding the following line to the Cmakelists.txt file


And you can add the library you need to link against this way

target_link_libraries(${TARGET_NAME} libname here)


target_link_libraries(${QTERMWIDGET_LIBRARY_NAME} be)

Do you know a similar way to yours but then for linking?

Something like