How to give priority to a ticket?

You may don’t know yet but for few months already, it’s possible to vote for a Trac ticket.
Whether you’re waiting for a enhancement or want that particular bug fixed first, this allows to let devs know what is your priority.

How does it work?

  • First, you need a Trac account. That’s logical otherwise people could vote several time for a ticket even if they were not Haiku users. And anyway, you will need one to ask for an enhancement or to report a bug if you find one. If you don’t have one already, you can create your account here.

  • Browse Trac tickets to see if someone already reported or suggested the thing that you have in mind. Use filters, they help greatly.

  • Once you found a ticket, on the top right of the ticket page you can see this.Capture du 2020-12-05 09-27-56

If already logged on Trac, all you need is to click on the arrow up sign to give a vote up and of course on the arrow down to give a vote down. Otherwise click on login link, you will go back automatically to that page once logged in.

  • You can check here the list of most voted tickets.

Don’t forget that Trac is only for things in the OS itself.To make it simple, for things that are on Haiku repository.
Most Apps are found on Haikuports repository. For them, you will have to report issues