How to Get Source for Specific Revisions

Hi all,

This is related to and .

I need to download some older revisions that do not have nightly builds (ones between Alpha 3 and 4, but before the nightly builds that preceded Alpha 4) in order to build the images and try to boot them.

How do I download the source code for a specific revision in order to build the image for that specific revision? I am not very good with using git.

Thanks for your help.

James ‘Robertson’

P.S. I am sorry I haven’t followed up until now on that bug report.

Hi James ‘Robertson’ (are those air quotes? :slight_smile: ).

You’ll have to check out the source and build like it’s described in the Haiku guides. To go to a specific revision, type “git checkout hrev12354” before jamming. To get back to the present: “git checkout HEAD”. (I think so, at least…)