How to get OpenCL working

I installed openCL_headers from haiku depot,and ocl_icd and ocl_icd_devel.

I want to make a program for generic programming lanaguage structure inforamtion utilities,and i want to make it openCL accerated,PLEASE

How do i use opencl,it seems, i have not “platfroms” and no “devices”,even though i have a graphics card.

Im afraid i will have to resort to linux,:scream::sob::frowning: .Linux is too mainstream,i must use haiku

Just for reference: i did those packages.

There is no OpenCL support for Haiku.
They are just the reference headers, they cannot provides any “device” or “platform” as they arent implemented.
The compiled programs will run but without any acceleration.

You can try to enable OpenCL in the MESA recipe, but do not expect an easy ride or any result.