How to get ethernet through Haiku on a computer with no built in ethernet?

Hi, I have installed Haiku on the hard drive of my ancient laptop and love it, but there is a problem: the only way I can get internet on it at the moment is through an SMC Ez PCMCIA card, which from what I understand won’t work with Haiku due to there being no PCMCIA support.

Anyway, what I was wondering was if there was any other way that Haiku supported which allowed me to get online besides PCMCIA and built in PCI cards. I can tell you my laptop has 1 USB 1.0 (not even 1.1, just 1.0) port, and of course a serial port.

The usb_asix driver is supposed to support ax88172,ax88178 usb to ethernet controllers. And there’s also the usb_ecm network driver but I’m not sure what it is supposed to support.

I have one of these:

I picked it up at my local Frys Electronics for like $5 USD a while back. It is supported by the usb_asix driver, but seems to only work for ~20-30 mins before failure (this is a “known” issue, but not sure what the cause is yet).

In any case, don’t necessarily get your hopes up - I wasn’t able to get it working on a USB 1.1 machine, only on my USB 2.0 laptop :confused: - I didn’t try another usb 1.1 machine though, so perhaps it wasn’t related to the version, but the machine itself.

Ok, thanks, I will be aware of that and will look to see if I can find anything cheap around here. :slight_smile:

Is PCMCIA support something that’s being actively worked on?
It’s the only networking option for either of the machines I’ve been saving to run Haiku on. :-/