How to get a 24 hour clock display?

The deskbar happily is showing the current time. But this is done in a US time format.
Having adjusted the locale to German settings and 24 hour display still nothing changed.
Where such a localizing of the time display could be done?

Did you read the user guide ?

Also it’s available in English, French, German, Spanish… and it’s bundled in the Haiku Alpha2 release (iso or disk-image)

Amazing, isn’t it?


PS: a few interesting pages
NB: the flag under the title gives access to other languages.

Indeed, I found a possibility to customize the Deskbar preferences. I have been surprised, that a such elementary and system related program like the Deskbar does overrule the locale settings for country specific time display. I would never have expected to find a time format customization within a to be localized application. Having set the locale to German consequently I wondered a lot to find the displayed time in the Deskbar still shown in US format using AM and PM suffixes.

P.S.: similar could be found in tracker windows’ time stamps. Or are those windows still not localized?

localization has barely begun. there isn’t much to see, since the API isn’t stable yet. (For now, it does not centralize date&time preferences)

NB : date&time preferences should be set up in Deskbar’s preflet and also in Tracker’s preflet (both are needed)