How to create tickets

Hello Haiku members,

I would like to create tickets. What are the steps to follow?

I look forward to your answers and wish you a pleasant day.

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You should start with the Trac Wiki, there are some steps spelled out there.

Take a look at this tutorial:

Hi! The first step is to create an account in Trac (the bugtracker):

Before creating a ticket, try doing a search, just in case that the issue was already reported. If that is the case, you can add a comment if you believe that you had some additional information that could be useful.

If not, you can create a new ticket. Try to include all the information that could be useful, specially the one related on how to be able to reproduce the error. Sometimes the error could be reproducible, sometimes not.

Another relevant information, is the Haiku version and architecture (32 or 64 bit). This could be get from the “About Haiku” window. For example: hrev55240 x86_gcc2.

Also, include if you are running Haiku on bare metal or in Virtual Box or other virtualization platform.

If your ticket is related to hardware (driver support, or something like that), it could be useful to include the output of the listdev command. The listdev is a command that must be run from the Terminal, and list all your hardware information.

Another useful information is any crash report that is generated. Usually that crash reports could be saved, and then, attached to the ticket.

Some fields from the “New Ticket” form, like ‘Owned By’, ‘Milestone’, and ‘Priority’ are expected to be completed by the Development team only.

I hope this little guide could be useful.



Thank you all for your help and your explanations. I’ll see what steps to take right away.


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