How to connect to network share using NFS


I have a NAS server running Linux that I would like to connect to from my Haiku R1A2 machine, but so far unsuccessful.

I have tried the following commands from Terminal:

mount_nfs ip-address-of-server:/volume1/Music /mount/test 1000 100
Note; I’m not sure about the 1000 100 part. I saw someone else doing it this ways. I have created the directory /mount/test

mount -t nfs ip-address-of-server:volume1/Music /mount/test

All shares are located in the directory volume1.

My NAS server requires authentication so I have to provice a username and password somehow. NFS is started on the NAS server

What am I doing wrong?

Once I get it working, I would like to have Haiku automatically connect to my shares on the NAS server. How do I do that?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that when I issue any of the above commands in Terminal, nothing happens. The share isn’t mounted and Terminal doesn’t release the curser. It is as if it continues to try and mount the share, but never succeeds.


This may help you out:

Also look through that thread for other info. Looks like you will only get read access because crashes with writing. If you get it working that is.

Search the general & development mailing lists for any more information but results are unordered.

Thank you toneStone57

I read the post you link to before posting,

After searching through the mailing lists I have reached the conclusion that NFS is broken at the moment. I’ll just have to be patient it seems and watch the mailinglists for updates to this.


you can also follow the revision log for nfs to see any changes that happen to it.

asking for nfs status or your question on the general mailing list may get a developer to look into fixing nfs quicker.