How to clean a printer job

Hi, I’m fighting a little bit with printer configuration, being aware that printing managing in HAIKU is still much immature both in applications and in the printers configuration pane.
I need trying to set printers interfacing in different ways and would need to test more than one model/driver/connection combination, but after the first test page attempt, the job remains in queue and cannot be discarded, blocking the printer as well which cannot be removed. Like this I cannot go any further testing more solutions/options.
Even after rebooting, the printer job is still there, untouchable and preventing other choices.
Can you suggest a pratical way to clean the printers situation when I need to restart with a new option?

Printer jobs are plain files that you can just delete. But I don’t remember where they are stored?

You’ll want to look in the directory “/boot/home/config/settings/printers” and delete any files. That should get rid of that “ghost” print job.

good, thanks for the indication, it is what was looking for.

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