How to check if the current process is active or running in the background?

How to check if the current process is active or running in the background?
What function to use?

I meant a function directly from one of the system libraries because I am using Pascal language.

BApplication is in the system library. In Haiku the system library is largely written in C++ and you can’t really avoid that.

There was an ObectPascal wrapper for the BeAPI at one point. You seem to still be able to grab a version of the code from here: The Free Pascal for BeOS initiative - Browse /bepascal at - I don’t know how much it will help the OP as it was specifically the BeAPI from R5.03, so it won’t be 100% the same.

Edit: It does look like the code has the BApplication wrapped, and there are pascal implementations for:

    function  GeAppInfo(var info : AppInfo ): Status_t;
      // Hook functions
    procedure AppActivated(Active : boolean); virtual;
    procedure ReadyToRun; virtual;
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Unfortunately, Haiku does not have global hook variables.
BApplication must be run to check if it is running in the background.
So I don’t think it can be done.

You can run a BApplication without any UI. If you are writing apps with Pascal, you probably still need to interact with the BeAPI, and if there is a GUI, there will be a BApplication somewhere.

Process can’t be active (in GUI sence) if it don’t create BApplication.

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Here Necromancer’s Dos Navigator for Haiku (NDN - best file manager).
You can download it from:
Not everything is working yet.
For example, the keyboard works while NDN is running in the background.
I don’t know how to fix it.
Please test it.

WOAH! Lemme see!!!

FYI: you can place the .so lib in a lib subfolder, then it doesn’t needs to be copied into the non-packaged tree.



It seems input gets frozen sometimes.


You can disable the extended keyboard in menu
Options->Configuration->Advanced Options->Disable the extended keyboard function
but then 70% of hotkeys do not work.