How to change search engine URL bar?

I changed the settings in Web+ for the “Search page” and it does bring up the new engine when I use the URL bar for a search. However, it doesn’t pass the text from the bar to the search engine. I saw that there were query parameters in the URL in the settings for Google, but I didn’t replicate those. Now I don’t remember what they were. If this is possible to do, please tell me what to add to the settings URL. Does it matter which search engine? I’m switching to DuckDuckGo.


I remember it being something like %s but I may have forgotten.

In recent nightlies, there’s a tooltip on the search engine field: “%s - Search term”.

Easiest to get it right is to go the search engines website, do a search and copy the resulting URL in Web+'s locator. Paste it into the search page text box in Web+'s settings and replace the term you searched for with “%s”.

In case of DuckDuckGo, it’s

BTW, recent nightly WebPositive’s (or even since Beta2, I forgot…) have shortcuts for various sites. So you just have to enter the one-letter-shortcut followed by your search term in Web+'s locator.

  • “g” for Google
  • “b” for Bing
  • “w” for Wikipedia
  • “d” for DuckDuckGo
  • “a” for Baiku
  • “y” for Yandex
  • “e” for Ecosia
  • “q” for Qwant

Maybe this should be added to the tooltip until there’s a proper search engine management GUI?


Is it possible to edit these shortcuts without recompiling Web+?
i.e to add Startpage that I’m using from time to time.

Nope, there isn’t a proper search engine management GUI yet.

I am used to launching my searches from a mobile applet on the Desktop, choosing between different sources, search engines and not; I wrote it with a bad combination of yab + shell scripting, but it works as it should.

[ edit ] sorry for the previous bad formatting


There i can use your yab script? Sounds interesting

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Very nice little tool. I like it.

Interesting to see, the way, other people using yab. I am long time yab developer and i hope this is not your last work using yab.

I started using yab more than 10 yrs ago when it came to BeOS/Haiku, because I had some ideas about apps but hadn’t any c++ skill

I logged off Haiku 9 yrs ago due to lacks of time/ supported hw , and only recently I found a decent system where I can run it and due to COVID I have a lot of time to spend @home so I’m dusting off my old scripts and renewing them with some new ideas and adding more consistency between them, it could appear as a weird flex but this is my Desktop with my applets

From left to right

hangtag, to manage META:keyw index and tag my files

memento: a memo holder

weblaunch : you know it

JamBox : a tiny playlist maker, the db is managed by awk

mailpreview : to have a glimse of new mails, quite unesuful because my prefered account is on web and not local

relationships : as above, not useful anymore, drop an email and it will find any related mail by sender, thread, date and status

slidingtime : a resizable clock and calendar, it remembers me how the time slips away so fast like a fake thing



Would be fine your apps are available for all. You can give them to, listed on our repo, if you like.


I am working on my yabDevelopentStudio (Modular IDE) and concept and trying for dev examples. Last work a OXO game with KI.

I’ve uploaded my scripts on my website
So if you want you can try them and give me hints and opinions commenting on that blog

download of your programs are broken.

I know, i’m cleaning up the code, i’ll warn you when I’ve done