How to build haikuwebkit without Javascript support?

Hello everyone, new here.

In my boring journey to find the perfect browser I just keep returning back to WebPositive but the inability to disable javascript with a simple toggle is a dealbreaker for me.
Maybe there is a way to build Web+'s engine (haikuwebkit) without javascript support?
I’m simply inexperienced building my software from source…


Why are you trying to switch off Javascript?

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First of all make sure you can build it in the default configuration, as documented in GitHub - haiku/haikuwebkit: Official Haiku fork of the WebKit repository README

It is not possible to disable JavaScript at build time. You could turn this off: haikuwebkit/Source/cmake/WebKitCommon.cmake at 02f3e9de3b889bdb4d3b9d86da250dbccb91129e · haiku/haikuwebkit · GitHub

but as you can see it will also disable Webcore and Webkit so… there will be nothing left to build.

It should be possible to do this at runtime. There is a BWebSettings::SetJavascripEnabled method: haikuwebkit/Source/WebKitLegacy/haiku/API/WebSettings.cpp at haiku · haiku/haikuwebkit · GitHub

I think all we need is to add a checkbox in WebPositive settings to set and unset this?