How to build Haiku on Haiku platform and attach Jam, Gettext, gcc and other tools


I want to start developing on Haiku.
Have built succesfully Haiku on Haiku platform on VirtualBox.
I have not created any iso or any other image but have built haiku directly to the other partition.
Have booted up new Haiku :slight_smile:
But there is a problem! Oryginal Live CD is also developer platform. Contains gcc and other tools.
But when I build haiku from sources it is pure! No developer tools in system built from source. Why?
Do I have manually build buildtools sourcecode and install into new pure system?
Or maybe if I build haiku to iso format it will be the same like Live CD?
What to do to build Haiku and make it look exacly like Live CD with all developer tools and 3rdparty software?
Have to use any ./configure options???

Add the following line to your build/jam/UserBuildConfig (copied from UserBuildConfig.Readme):

AddOptionalHaikuImagePackages BeBook BeHappy BePDF Bluetooth CVS
Development Firefox OpenSSH OpenSSL P7zip Pe Subversion Vision
Welcome WonderBrush ;

You might also want WebPositive and some other packages, or you can install those afterwords.

You should take a look at the building guide, especially the part about gcc hybrids. Also, jam -q @alpha-anyboot will make an image similar to the releases. It. Can even be burned to CD or written to a USB stick.