How to boot Haiku without CD or USB?

Well mainly I have 2 options for a PC, neither of which will work.

  1. I can boot from CD. This PC won't.
  2. Same with USB.

Basically I can’t boot from removalable mediums.

So how can I run Haiku? Is there something like UNetbootin for Haiku? I’d prefer a way to run the Live CD sans drive and actually try out the desktop before I commit to an install.


On my laptop it didn’t boot either.
Because my laptop had a Sata CDrom drive.
On my older laptops it ran fine.


Do you have a spare hard disk? By the way this would probably be better placed in the user support forum.

since “Ran” has a SATA drive, one assumes he can install to USB drive and use Haiku from that.