How stable is Haiku?

How stable is Haiku? Is it ok to use it as a daily driver?

It depend in for what will you use it.


I run and on Haiku.


Sun Jul 29 09:33:53 2018, up 10 days, 1 hour, 12 minutes

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You must try for yourself to actually know.
I think Haiku is more stable than some popular Operating Systems of the past such as Windows 3.1 or even Windows 95. Many people used them as working and gaming stations for years.
Funy how world changed…

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But is Haiku more stable than BeOS R5? :smiley:

I agree with @cosmogatokat. It depends on the load you put on Haiku.

If it’s just meant to be used as a light system with not much expected of it, even as an unfinished release, it should run fairly well. I’ve run Haiku on a workstation (converted server box) to a tablet, and for the most part, it does a lot better than it did under Alpha 4.1.

However, given enough heavy load, prepare for a potential app/team crash ahead, or worse yet, a total freeze or KDL. At the moment, it’s not at the same level of stability of my Mac or Debian just yet. It still needs a bit more time to get there. But it’s very close to being there at other times. I’m just amazed at what little Haiku can do. It works. So for the positive and negative points of it, there it is from my humble opinion, and that’s just being honest.

And… since it’s not to R1 yet, I’ll definitely also add that Haiku is not ready for production work or use. So by that metric, before doing anything serious on Haiku right now you must first be aware you will need to keep your work backed up… and your system as well. I hope this adds a little more input to this question. :slight_smile:

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Based in my experience, yes: I found recents builds more stable than R5, at least in my hardware.

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But what about using it as a daily driver, does it have all the features in order for it to run?

Is it better to use Haiku in its current build compared to lets just say Manjaro?

It does what I need it to do as a “daily driver” operating system, so it’s what I use it as. 32bit hybrid on a Thinkpad X61s and the 64bit version on a Thinkpad X220. It’s hard to recommend anything to anyone since it depends on what you do with your computer.

Its been rock solid for me in Veertu (Virtualization software for Mac). I have no sound, and I keep commiting my code to github every day, but so far so good.

We always talk like beta was the last year and it’s “not R1 yet”. The truth is that, it is not R1 yet since a decade. Do you seriously believe to get a stable kernel anytime soon?