How much longer for 1 window and self-hosted development?

There comes a point where you can get Haiku to the state of having 1 window, access the devel tools and a VI editor on a self-hosted partition and just let more people have a rip at improving the system.

How many guys have been beating their heads against the wall in their spare time just to get to this point? Answer: too few.

Get Haiku running with the above in Bochs, Virtual PC 2004 and/or VMWare and open up the development effort more.

No one except the insiders of Haiku development have enough of the pieces of the software to even create a reproducible, complete build.

I’ve been following the progress and enough of the pieces are there. Just collect them into something developers looking from afar can get their head around and put out a release. Haiku insiders, you’ll get more done from people you’ve never even heard of who decided to come along and help you out…just for the fun of it.

Last I heard, GCC ran on Haiku but with some issues that prevented it producing binaires (or was it running binaries?). Vim already runs on the Haiku shell, and I presume it’d run inside miniterminal also…

So, not very far off, basically. Though I don’t know if you can run two+ miniterminals yet…

I quite like the way things are done now. The small development team all know each other now, that is a good thing for consistency.

It would be nice if development speeded up, but I’m happy to wait for what Axel et al are producing.

And it’s fairly easy to get a build going. Download off anon SVN, get a spare partition set up and run “makehdimage /HaikuPartition”. Still needs to be done from BeOS atm, but anyone who wants to contribute without ever having heard of BeOS probably shouldn’t bother anyway.