How make gnome web my default browser

How can I make gnome web (or any other)
my default browser?

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Go to preferences => File Types
Look for the html files and choos which program to open it:

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Using File Types to configure default apps is not the most intuitive. Sounds like there could be an intermediate solution that is more user friendly that would do the File Types dirty work for you underneath the hood.

Here you go: Tracker

  1. gnome web does not appear in the menu of browsers
  2. after I have marked a browser (for example Falkon), what should I do ???

too difficult ,
I couln’t understand anything…

  • Right-click an HTML file
  • Click “Open with…” from the context menu
  • A window pops up, choose an app from the list
  • Click “Open and make preferred”

Unfortunately, this all does not work with Web/Epiphany, because when it was packaged, it wasn’t provided with a list of supported file types.
The Otter Browser has, however, and works.

1.) It does not work with Web (Gnome)! It is not working now!

2.) It is working with Falkon! After marked browser (Falkon) just close the Window! Then the html pages will be opened by Falkon!