How is Haiku Compared to Linux?

Nightly builds are actual,y stable enough for everyday use. Problems can be easily recovered by previous states and liveUSB.

I have to agree with this.

-Coming to you live from the latest nightly :wink:

They are most certainly not stable enough for normal users, if they were there wouldn’t be a flood of confused users everytime something miniscule changes in the nightlies, the reality for using it is that you will have to fix it yourself occasionally and be aware roughly of what is happening in development, that simply isn’t the case for normal users, especially if they don’t wish to test software.

Recovering an OS with an older state is most definetely something for advanced testers or developers, not for ordinary users. which you can see also by the number of people who report to have “fixed” issues in the nightlies by reinstalling the OS instead of using an older state.

Good example is efi booting, somewhat broken in the nightlies recently, but not a problem since it is a /nightly/, telling users to use the nightly leads to unecesary pressure on developers to find quick and dirty fixes to such stuff (e.g just reverting stuff) instead of having the proper time to fully flesh out new functionality or fix old one.

I think there perhaps should be more releases, but claiming the nightlies are it is certainly not the way to go.


Haiku is a stable system,
writing Documents, e-mails, browse the internet is ok
No hardware 3D Games support.
Stable UI!

One of the beautiful things about Haiku is that it had a very specific focus- to reimpliment BeOS as exactly as possible. This was such a blessing because we didn’t become a “Try this… Try that… We can do this… We can do that…” OS like others.
I don’t think any other modern OS had this blessing.

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That is not fully correct, Haiku implement some things in a different way and has improvements over BeOS (double buffering, antialiasing, gradients, view auto layout, better POSIX support, packages etc.).

That is different from ReactOS that attempts to make exact clone of Windows including internal architecture and private API. I think that it is bad because Windows has a lot of design mistakes like GUI system in kernel (win32k.sys) notoriously known as source of a lot of vulnerabilities.

Haiku is not clone of BeOS, it is better than BeOS while keeping compatibility.


Agreed. The point was we had an initial focus that kept us on a straight path. The fact that we improved some OS concepts was also keeping the BeOS spirit! That’s what they would have done too!

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Yes. and it plays it in an interesting way- the media is opened like a drive/folder and you can select the files to play there.
We also have VLC with all the goodies that offers- like “Open Disc…”

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