How install mc?

I have trouble

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Or read the guides.
Or use search.
Or check the package contents.

i install mc
but canot run it

According to the recipe:
ARCHITECTURES="x86_gcc2 x86_64"
That means the binary is always mc, not mc_x86

What does the command ls /boot/system/bin/mc* says?

read image

This is not a real answer.
Some packages gets activated only after reboot.

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read up

To better diagnose, show a dump of:

find /boot/system/bin -name "mc*"

meybe add information how install mc and where is mc (package name)

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He’s asking for mc[tab] because it might be mc-x86 or something like that you need to run.

Actually, most likely mc package wasn’t activated for some reason (which is a bug). In this case rebooting should help.

Ah okay :+1: