How I use Haiku 64bit every day on a 2007 iMac (Core 2 duo, 20'')


There is a status window for the mail_daemon, and you can run it in a Terminal to get more information about what’s going on…


I get that, I debugged the IMAP folder subscription issue that way. My question is… How easy is that for your average user?


Yeah, this is certainly an opportunity for improvement. There needs to be an API and also a good GUI for regular users to view error logs. Running via the terminal, or digging through syslog, is a pain. My view is that Haiku is a desktop OS, not a server OS, so these things should be accessible via the GUI.

I’ve played around with this a few times. Basically I envisioned a sleeker, and more modern version, of the Windows Event Viewer. There would be APIs to write to this log, and create new application logs. And it would need to be easy to query from the command line and other applications. I never got to the point where I liked what I had built.

There is a ticket for this:
Ticket #12816 - Implement graphical event/syslog viewer application


My question is… why would a regular user even need to look there?
I agree that even for developers, getting logs from servers is very annoying, so more syslog support (even without a graphical viewer) would be great.


My $0.02 is that users should be able to self-help. If they have a log, a log viewer application, even a mail UI that gives them a hint of what’s going on, then all the better.

Mail has always been a black box in Haiku.

Think about it - if there’s an app named ‘Log Viewer’ in the Applications directory, and a user open it, and sees a log titled ‘Mail’, and it states “username error”, “password error”, etc, then said user may have a fighting chance of solving an issue themselves.

Even macOS has the Console, and that sells itself on being user-friendly… :slight_smile:


Can you please give some info on how to do that? I would like to see what’s happening in my case.


It would be very bad ux if you had to dig a console for user solvable problems. If the username or password is wrong, this should be reported to the user clearly and immediately. In fact it should be checked straight from the mail account setup window.

The syslog messages should be relevant only when dealing with bugs, that is, when you need a developer or at least a power user involved. That doesn’t mean a system console is a bad idea, just that this isn’t the first thing I would think about making user friendly.


Thank you to the OP for this very useful and informative post. I tinkered with Haiku a couple of years ago, but it couldn’t (and still can’t) do what I wanted it to do (feed a DAC), but the arrival of LibreOffice and better web-browsing means that it can still be useful. It will be going on a spare Thinkpad shortly.


Just built it locally. Was very easy. I use that version fot the time being…thanks :slight_smile: