How does one get and install imkit on Haiku?

I have downloaded the source tree from and compiled. The readme file discusses using make-install, but this does not work on Haiku.

The source files from use jam to compile the code but there is no install script.

I have seen some posts on the mailing lists, but they seem to be very rude and terse with absolutely no help on getting and installing the imkit in Haiku. Please post only helpful comments.

If you are talking about the rude message about installing IMkit on the haiku mailing list, then you shouldn’t let the message put you off. You should note the difference in content, effort, occurrence and coherency in your messages compared to the other bloke.

Anyway I hope this acts as a “bump”, so someone can help you.

If not try contact Bruno Albuquerque.


  1. Download source:
    “svn checkout

  2. Change directory:
    “cd imkit/trunk”

  3. Run configure script:

  4. (Download and install the required libs (libxml2…) from

  5. Jam-ing the sources:

  6. If it finished install the binaries:
    “jam install”

Without quotes…

The link posted by Salvatore is my message to the ML with instructions, I would point the attention to a fact instead.
Recently slaad added a long awaited feature: protocols are now loaded into their own team.
What that does mean? Well, it means that we can finally support more than one account per protocol.

The preflet was not up to this kind of configuration so we started rewriting it with a more polished GUI, this also opened a more complicated refactor of the code that loads protocol settings template and stores protocol settings.

I didn’t find the time lately to do some IM Kit work, so we’re progressing very slowly.
Don’t expect a working IM Kit, it’s broken till the patch to support multiple accounts :frowning:

From the IM Kit wiki (, I would like to point you to the Getting Dependencies document:

Also the Wiki font page is now updated with the build instructions.

Don’t expect a working IM Kit, it’s broken till the patch to support multiple accounts :([/quote]

Too bad! I really like using the im_kit and Haiku is just now stable enough for me to attempt to install it. I ended up with preferences that will not allow me to add an account.

You can use BitlBee with every altarnative OS. And if You have InfoPopper, You get notifications too :slight_smile: