How do I update a patchset on Haikuports?

In order to fix, I need to update the CMake script to pass -DLITTLE_ENDIAN 1 to the compilation of xdgmime in the WebKit_GTK package. How do I update the patchset? I know that HaikuPorter uses Git to track the patching process but that’s about all I can tell.

You do that by running

haikuporter -b pkgName

This will patch the src code then enter the src archive partch it then open another terminal inside the haikuports tree and commit your changes then back to the first terminal and run

haikuporter -e pkgName

That will update the patch.

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Thanks! I’ll try it! Pull requests are generally better than bug-reports, I think.


I did some branching and committing and submitted two pull requests to HaikuPorts. Thanks for the help!

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