How do i run haiku system with the network of tor?

How do i run haiku system with the network of tor ? like every time haiku starts and launch like anything its on tor how do i do that

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What exactly is the problem with Tor - downloading, configuring, running, scheduling autorun, or using Tor?

i want to run the entire network through tor and idk how

Mmm, that will be complex.

The only idea I have, is to configure each application to use a proxy.

In this case, Tor runs locally, at, so all applications that use the internet should point to “localhost”.

@arnyimp68: Seems we don’t have a “system-wide” proxy setting (or none that I can find?), so as @Androsio said, you’ll need to configure each app individually (the ones that allow you to do so at least).

For what it is worth, you can make Tor autostart on every boot, you just need to create a file (can be empty) named: tor_proxy_autostart under the ~/config/settings/ directory.

Executing touch ~/config/settings/tor_proxy_autostart on a Terminal should be enough (Tor should autostart on next boot after that). Remove said file to stop that behavior.

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Hmm … maybe a simpler way would be to get a router that supports the tor network ? Then all of the traffic would go through it, without need for the applications to support it. Some ddwrt / openwrt ones support it