How do I put HAIKU OS on a new 32 bit computer

I plan to build a new computer which would use HAIKU OS. From what I understand it has has to be A 32-bit x86 architecture like Intel’s IA-32,
128 MB, to compile Haiku within itself 1 GB, and Hard disk: 700 MB

There you get a smal computer like this?

I use always a partition of ~8GB.
I have a installed a 32 bit version, because the 64bit version is not ready jet.
My computer have 3GM ram

Haiku runs very good.

Beside Haiku i have windows on my computer. Haiku comes with a boot manager.

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Do you have to have windows to use HAIKU OS

No Haiku is a stand alone system, you does not need windows or any other os to run it.

Some interssting things:

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Thanks so much for the good info.

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Well, yes, in the sense that it won’t run on an old 16-bit processor

But there’s no need to limit yourself in the other direction. I have Haiku 32-bit and 64-bit installations running on the same quad-core P5. More or less anything built in the last fifteen years should do.

GPU drivers are a problem, but the Haiku VESA implementation is pretty good, actually. For sound, you may need to install the Opensound package.

i5, not p5

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